cauliflower pizza crust

Like Rachel said last week on the Bodies by Burgoon Run Club page, there are assumptions about weight lifters, runners, cyclers, and I’m adding meal preppers to the list. Meal preppers come in all shapes and sizes, like EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

Beyond the conversation of eating healthy, preparing for a week when it comes to what you eat is something that has a lot of rewards, like staying sane, my #1 goal, and my close 2nd, staying fueled so I can execute the day-to-day without all the last minute decisions of “What are we going to eat?”

I love pizza and I eat pizza when I want to, but gluten is something I don’t eat for health reasons, it’s no longer worth it for me because of how it makes me feel. Now that it’s more popular to eat gluten free, there are a lot of options for eating out and getting good tasting GF pizza (Young Joni, Pizzeria Lola, Black Sheep Pizza, Punch Pizza, and Pizza Luce just to name a few that I’ve tried over the years! 😂)

As for making my own, I have never wanted to repeat ANY of the GF experiments I've tried until I made a cauliflower crust recipe I saw on Claudia's Traveling Spoon Chef Instagram a year ago.

Claudia has perfected it more since the first recipe she sent me and I LOVE it. If we are having a pizza night in my house, we’ll add it in for a grain free option that is not just 2nd best. This week we prepped all the parts and had it ready to make individual pizzas as needed. (Hint: this is a nod to my style on the meal prepping spectrum, prepping parts for the week! 🙌)

Here’s Claudia’s updated recipe over at Earth Fare, for a grain-free option on your next pizza night or meal prep list!

My notes for the crusts I make:

  • I use fresh cauliflower, 1 head equals about 6 cups of pureed cauliflower. Only 4 cups are needed for 1 recipe, roast the rest for cauliflower rice!
  • As shown, I form 1 batch into 4 balls, cover with oiled plastic wrap, and roll out flat reusing plastic wrap for all 4.
  • I bake them for 12 minutes like the recipe says, but I flip them and add 5-6 more minutes of baking for a crispier crust as a personal preference.
  • If using later on, wrap cooled crusts in plastic wrap separated by a small piece of parchment or wax paper so they don’t stick together.
  • When ready to bake, add a crust to parchement covered and oven heated pan or pizza stone for 1 minute to rewarm, and follow the rest of instructions: add toppings and bake for 8-10 minutes at 450°. 

One of our favorite ways to eat any kind of pizza with red sauce is Italian seasoned sausage (turkey or pork), roasted red peppers, chili flakes, and buffalo mozzarella cheese or goat cheese. After baking, we add the fresh basil!

In the next weeks, we are going to talk about set-up and how/why you do meal prep or why you might want to try it. Whatever your style is or becomes, grab the recipes, links, and whatever fits for you to try and make your own. As for the stuff that doesn’t seem helpful to you? Let it go!

For more meal prepping ideas, check out our how-to posts here and here for some basics and follow Team Burgoon Eats on Instagram to see what everyone is eating.