chana masala

Hey everybody, here’s a cozy curry meal to warm you up! chana masala

I call it self-care because it’s both on the easiest meal list at my house, and it’s comforting and healthy. 

AND don’t forget the options – swap chickpeas with cauliflower or chicken, or a combination of both.

roasted cauliflower |

Replace rice with cauli-rice, quinoa, or something green like green beans, spinach or broccoli. Yum.


Here’s to your snowy frigid Sunday with a little self-care mixed into whatever crazy (or cookies) your week brings.

chana masala

Recipe link to Chana Masala by Martha Stewart. Recipe adjustments we like to make:

  1. add chopped jalapeño to sauce for more heat before simmering or after as a condiment
  2. more chopped cilantro, always more
  3. greek yogurt as a topping!

Enjoy and happy Sunday!