Q & A with Jaime Burgoon

I can’t wait to get this Q & A in front of your eyes! Eek. Whether you know it or not, you have talked with Jaime! Or you've been the benefit of Jaime's magical works. She’s often the emailer, the caller, the master arranger and communicator behind the scenes. She IS the info line, most of the time. When you email that you can’t come in at 3 pm on the 4th, but if there was a 9 on the 7th or 6 on the 3rd where you could train, but only if your 2nd appointment can be on the 5th? 😭Yeah, that’s Jaime and my brain hurts thinking about how many of those kinds of emails/texts she must get in a day and how she seeks to work out the best possible combo for each person at the gym.

Jaime Burgoon

Jaime is also a full-time student in our community and I curiously wanted to know what she eats for lunch as a college student! What started out as a #lunchbox post and meal prepping session one Sunday in September . . .

meal prepping

Jaime and Leah

turned pretty quickly turned into a necessary Q & A! When you get smart and articulate people talking, you just feel compelled to introduce them to everyone, don’t you? I know, I know, a lot of you know Jaime, but there are a lot of you who don’t cross her direct path. When I asked her to do this post she actually hesitated because she wanted there to be room for someone else that might have more to say. What she doesn’t realize, is we NEED her and her strong words.

Here she is!

Jaime Burgoon

Q: How long have you been working at Bodies by Burgoon, and what is your favorite part to the job?

A: I have been working here for about 3 years now. I think my favorite part of my job would be seeing clients grow and change both physically and mentally. I watch people coming in and out of here 7 days a week. Even though I’m not training you, when I sit behind the desk I notice that 10 pound weight drop, or the fact that you are smiling and greeting others as you walk in and letting your personality shine through. It’s pretty rewarding to see these changes in clients.

Q: Where have you found your strong, and how is it changing you?

A: I think I found my strong in weight lifting about two years ago. I was always pretty insecure about the strength in my arms, and I saw these wonderful women here from the gym getting into powerlifting and I thought that it would be a awesome thing to try as well. Low and behold, I was hooked on the first session. It’s amazing now to see muscle forming in my arms and see things that weren’t there two years ago and the progression I’ve made in the amount I can lift.

Jaime Burgoon one arm row

Q: Best and worst advice you’ve ever read or received about your health or your body?

A: I think the worst advice and the funniest piece of advice is someone once told me once that “Guys don’t like it when X, Y, and Z” and it was in reference to my body and what is more attractive to them. You also see this advice in women's magazines and I think it is the most laughable piece of advice to me. I don’t think that you need to adjust your body for someone other than yourself, and what makes you feel strong. I always tell my friends “There are over 7 billion people in this world, someone will always love you for who you are, rather than what you “should be”.

one arm row

Q: What’s your ideal food prep situation, and what is your reality?

A: My ideal food food prep situation would be putting aside all of my tasks and taking 3-4 hours on a Sunday to meal prep and to try new recipes for the week. That does not fit into my life when school starts. I work full-time, and I’m a full-time student. I think a lot of my fellow students can agree with me that meal prepping is pretty hard when you try to balance a social life, work, school, and getting enough sleep. The call of instant mac & cheese and pizza rolls is pretty appealing when you have several readings, homework, and a paper due the next morning. I’m not going to lie, I do occasionally have that instant mac & cheese when I’m super stressed out. The thing is I regret it instantly when I do so. Grabbing some berries or almonds to crave that hunger is just as simple as throwing a meal in the microwave to eat. Junk food hurts my body and doesn't make me feel good either.

making chicken salad

I’ve come up with some ways to avoid the call of convenient junk meals. I meal prep small meals over the week-days to make it so it’s not this large daunting task on a Sunday. I usually do crockpot chicken, or make eggs because those meals are quick and easy but still can be healthy too. I shop at places like Costco or Target, because buying in bulk is cheaper and Target has an app that you can surf coupons by just scanning a barcode and find good deals (It’s called cartwheel and it’s changed my life!). I also don’t carry my wallet with me when I go into school so I’m not tempted to buy a burger and fries, or a slice of pizza while I sit at school all day. I pack a lunch box also and I leave it in my car, and then I’ll go back to my car to grab it on my lunch break so then I get some extra walking in for the day.

chicken salad prep

To make a healthier lifestyle for yourself as a student you just have to find little tricks and tips that work for you and your life. It’s truly worth it to live a healthier lifestyle and eat right because when you feel good, your academics are going to improve as well. It's a win-win situation.

Q: In order to take care of yourself, is there anything in life you have had to let go of in order to be healthy, strong, and your best self?

A: I’ve had to let go of my old social habits. What I mean by this is that in order to get enough sleep, eat healthy, and be able to study in peace I can’t constantly go out with friends. As much as I wish I could go out for a drink on a Tuesday night, it throws off my schedule. It makes me feel gross the next day, it keeps me up late, and I then put aside my responsibilities when I shouldn’t. I’ve learned to prioritize my time in order to still see my friends, but I have let go of the constant buzz of a social life in order to be my best self.

Q: What are you currently working on or learning about that inspires you?

A: I am currently trying to work on my cooking skills. I love, love LOVE trying new recipes. I took a cooking class about two years ago, and at that point in my life my specialties were scrambled eggs and spaghetti. Then I was introduced to a “easy weeknight meal” class that sort of sparked my interest for cooking and I realized “Uhm ya, this whole cooking thing isn’t as intimidating or as difficult as I thought!”. I am very fascinated with food from other cultures, so that has been my inspiration as of late is to try new foods that are not on my typical Minnesotan palette.

Grating ginger

Q: You balance a lot of things. What’s your current back-to-school strategy?

A: First is that I go into a social hibernation and cut back my activities so that I have more time to study or to meal prep. I can’t let myself go out with my friends until I have finished my homework for that week, because then I’ll keep procrastinating and procrastinating. Nothing feels worse than pulling an all-nighter or not feeling like you have enough time to truly understand the material. The best thing I had ever done for myself was not being afraid to say “Sorry, I don’t have time for that.” This piece of advice stemmed from something someone told me while I was learning to drive a car. They said “Don’t worry about those cars around you and how fast they’re going, just work up to it and focus on you.” This has been applicable to my life as well with my time management.

I also try to squeeze in little rewards so I feel less stressed. For example, if I want to make flashcards, but I feel as if I hadn’t had time to catch up on the latest episode of my favorite show I put that episode on the tv in the background and sit at the table and do my flashcards. This way I still feel like I have “me” time but I am being productive.

School can be really difficult at times and very exhausting but those strategies have done such a wonder for both my mental and physical state while I have been in school.

Q: Favorite quote:

A: My favorite quote is from a Transformers movie, and it says “Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.” When I’m in the middle of a difficult situation and I am thinking to myself that it’s impossible to do or I’m not ready to make this big decision in my life, I think of this quote. You will never be prepared for most major life events in your lifetime, so it’s best to make the most of it and move forward with a positive attitude and face what the next obstacle is.


Thanks, Jaime, for all you do for us and the ways you problem solve behind the scenes to get things done and settled for our gym community. You have GREAT things ahead of you, and this team at BBB is cheering you on!

Chinese Chicken Salad by Ina Garten

Here's a link to the great recipe (Jaime made above) for your #sundaysetup and meal prepping this weekend! The peanut sauce dressing is good on pretty much any combination of fresh vegetables and chicken.

Chinese Chicken and Asparagus Salad with Peanut Dressing by Ina Garten!

Tips for meal prepping this salad:

  1.  Swap out vegetable oil for light olive oil instead.
  2.  Sesame seeds are optional.
  3.  Makes sure all greens and veggies are dry before adding dressing if eating right away. Wet veggies will water down dressing.
  4.  Keep the dressing separate if meal prepping or the vinegar will break down the veggies too much and the chicken will taste mushy if you don't eat it right away!

Nutritional Information for 1 serving:

Chinese Chicken Salad