Success Story: Karin Nord

image-2Hi. My name is Karin; I'm 51, and this is my story... Three things started this journey of mine: my granddaughter, a guest at Bruegger's, and my health. My granddaughter was three at the time, and she ran most of our walk around a four-mile lake. I thought it was time to get in better shape because I wanted to keep up with her. I asked a girlfriend to help me get in shape (she had been out there running and losing weight), but it only lasted about a week before life just got in the way (but I still tried). Then, this guest at work was talking about her trainer -- she looked great and mentioned how easy it was (she told a little white lie!). But, then life got in my way. Again. That third thing came when my doctor told me I was borderline Type 2 Diabetes -- THAT prompted me to watch what I ate and walk more.

imageThen there was a surprise. I got a check in the mail...I took that money and invested in ME!I got that personal trainer (and that's when I realized that girl who came into Bruegger's lied, the workouts are not easy!). Even today I ask myself during those hard workouts why I'm still doing this -- it's because I enjoy it, and maybe I'm not where I want to be yet. I used to hate running, but now I enjoy it and have run a few 5Ks. Last year I was talked into a 10K (silly me!). And, I've signed up to do a Warrior Dash this summer. I've even inspired some of my family and friends to get out there and get into shape, too. I think of all of this as a life change -- not diet or exercise. I've lost more than 100 pounds and am the lightest I've been since I was 12.

Thank you, Jason!

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