Success Story: James McCoy

img005 I met Jason when I joined Bally's Fitness in the spring of 2010. It was close to my work. I had stayed active prior to that by playing basketball and lifting weights. But I had let things go and decided to get back into a gym. I had never used a personal trainer before, thinking I did not need the hand holding and motivation from another person who was probably only motivated by the money.

Jason made me change that assumption.

He is a unique individual who tailors the workouts to your needs. I have seen him work with all ages and all people -- those who are limited physically, as well as the ones gifted genetically. And, all that stay committed show significant improvements physically and mentally.


I went from 240 pounds (height 6' 1") to 222 pounds in 12 weeks. We never used any weight besides my own weight during that time. The one-hour workouts twice a week were grueling and humbling, but Jason was able to get more out of me without injury than any coach ever did. He changed workouts constantly so you never knew, for sure, what to expect. And, I will admit there were days I didn't want to go, but afterwards felt so good and alive.

Jason never promoted products and has a vast knowledge in nutrition. Although I will admit I was not the best on food choices, but still got good results. After the 12 weeks, we started a program that included boxing, interval training and proper weight lifting. Over one year, my weight went up to 230 pounds, but it was all muscle...I never felt in that good of shape in all of my life.

225706_254175674592531_6152816_nNow, I feel comfortable tucking in my shirt versus wearing it outside my pants. I competed in the Warrior Dash and 5K runs with no trouble finishing. It's a nice feeling to realize you are in better shape than some people who are 20 years younger. I am 52 years-old.

If you need and want the best results with reasonable costs, Jason is the person you want to work with to achieve your goals. No matter what your goals are, he will make you realize that his goal for you is much higher and much more rewarding...and is achievable if you are willing to make that commitment.

Thanks, Jason.

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