Success Story: Jessica Roskowinski

photo (1)I have always battled with body image problems, and at my heaviest (320) felt like I was destined to always be the big girl. I've tried many times to lose weight, once successfully dropping 100 pounds, but I found that that unless I changed more than just my eating habits, I would always have an issue.

photo (1) copy 2Along came Jason. He not only helped me adjust what I was eating, but also pushed my body and talked to my soul. You see, usually when someone is overweight, you need more than a quick diet fix. You need everything fixed, and it helps to know that someone is in your corner for those days that it is hard to keep with it. When I came to Jason at the beginning of July, I weighted 262 pounds. Now, eight months later, I've lost more than 25 inches and 65 pounds with no intent of stopping.

I used to only dream of walking into stores and being able to fit into whatever caught my eye. Now I dream about being confident enough to wear a bikini. The difference is that this time I know that dream will become a reality with a little hard work and help from my friends at Bodies by Burgoon.

The journey continues...

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