Success Story: Nicole Menon

photo (5)I’m 22 years old, I have two jobs, I go to school full time, and my life is busy. It’s hard to find time, energy, and motivation to work out. When I first met Jason a little more than two years ago, he intimidated me. He was such a fit man. He intimidated me because I hadn’t given myself the chance to get to know him. Jason, himself, is a very hard-working man. He cares for the people in his life, including his clients, like no one else I know. He not only cares about their health and fitness, but as people and his friends. I used to play sports back in high school, and I was a very competitive girl. Upon graduating high school, I didn’t play sports, and all I did was work. My drive and fitness level had dropped, and I packed on some pounds. My friend and I decided to get gym memberships to get back into shape. I worked out by myself for a couple of months; I didn’t improve at all. After a couple of months, I met Jason. I started training with him roughly a year and a half ago. He started off testing my fitness levels and wanted to see what I could handle. He discovered how competitive I am and learned how to motivate me. He pushed to do things that I didn’t think I could do. He taught me to be proud and confident in who I am and to keep striving to live a healthy life. He doesn’t treat every client the same. He knows everyone is unique and different. Immediately, I enjoyed working with him.

Jason has to be one of the funniest people I have ever met in my life. When you are ready to break down because the work out is too hard, he cracks a joke. With all your strength, you try to hold back from laughing, but you can’t help it. He wants you to succeed, but to have fun reaching your goals. This is a life-changing experience. Getting back into shape isn’t easy, but he is willing to go the distance with you, and continue to guide you on the path even if you wander off sometimes. Every day I’m taking his encouragement, his wisdom, his knowledge, his experiences, and applying them to myself. Jason is my trainer, my friend, and I know first-hand that one of your best decisions would be to have him guide you to a healthy lifestyle.

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