#sundaysetup: broccoli salads

What are you making for #sundaysetup this week? I haven’t decided yet but last night made me want more of this:

KITM with Stephanie.A.Meyers

I overheard a certain someone's request to his personal chef last night at the Paleo Supper Class

Aldon and Meg at KITM

Broccoli, he said. Please add broccoli to your list. 😉

Last night a couple of us from Bodies By Burgoon went to the Paleo Supper class taught by Stephanie A. Meyer from Fresh Tart, at Kitchen in the Market. The fun started with a cold cantaloupe soup and crispy prosciutto, which was obviously delicious. 

cantaloupe soup with crispy proscuitto

We went on to make bacon burgers, paleo buns, gluten free onion rings and cheese curds, broccoli salad, and almond butter chocolate chip cookies with almond milk for dessert. So good!

Aldon and Meg at KITM

The thing I love about these KITM classes is that you just get thrown into a part of the menu for the night and start making right away, experiential learning at it’s best. Plus everything is bought, set out, organized and comes with personal chefs at your beck and call. Hello, where does that happen in real life? Nowhere. 

Bonus, you get to eat it all in the end but only had to work on one piece of the meal. It was fabulous, and I can’t wait to get more Team Burgoon there soon.

Paleo Supper Meal

Broccoli salad is something I crave and after having it again last night in a slightly different way, it’s on my list for tomorrow’s #sundaysetup.

In February, we made this one with broccoli, grapes and yogurt dressing.

broccoli salad with chicken and grapes

Another version I like is with this orange vinaigrette on a bed of spinach greens.

spinach salad with grapes and oranges

Stephanie used this apple cider and maple syrup dressing last night. Below she's added cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, and cashews. 

Stephanie A. Meyer | Sweet & Tangy Broccoli Salad

Last night we had the same dressing as above but with broccoli, red onion, crispy bacon, dried cherries, and cashews. 

broccoli salad from Stephanie A. Meyer

Click on any picture above for a dressing you like, blanch or keep your broccoli raw, add cashews, pumpkin seeds, almonds or sunflower seeds as desired, maybe chicken if you want more protein, and/or pack in more vegetables if you like. Options turned into lunches for your week are just around the corner!

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Last 2 images by Stephanie A. Meyer and previously posted at freshtart.com.