#sundaysetup: meal prep dishes giveaway

Getting set up for a week comes in all shapes and sizes and so do the containers you use to store it all in!


Whether you like to prep the parts and cook the day of or prep, cook, and divide all at once, it doesn’t matter, your chances of success will be high. I promise. 

I personally like to do a little bit of both. Making food ahead has one drawback for me, the storage and freshness factor. Come Friday, my overactive gag reflex is turned on high, and I’m easily grossed out.

Mason jars for food storage

Which brings me to mason jars. I have a lot of them and I’ve never canned anything. I have found that cooked chicken, chopped sweet potatoes, fresh veggies, salad dressing, quick pickles, anything and everything stays the freshest the longest in glass jars with seal tight lids. Oh and onions! Have you ever left a cut raw onion lightly wrapped in your fridge? EVERYTHING tastes and smells like onions. (Jason just screamed!)  Put ‘em in a jar and you won’t even know they are there. My 2nd promise today. 

Flipping through Instagram a few weeks ago, I saw a friend of mine prepping her lunches for the week in tidy black prep dishes in an effort to avoid the Arby’s drive through. 😁 Prep container envy sent me on a bunny trail to these:

Meal Prep Haven Dishes

Don't you love the logo? Dumbbell and fork. Yes, both.

prep dish and chicken kabob

There is something very gratifying about prepping for a week but for some reason I get just as excited about the containers. Not sure what this says about my love of order or assembly lines, but I’m telling you the process is all-around encouraging.  

dividing food into prep dishes

While I’ve yet to see the lasting quality of these Meal Prep Haven dishes, I have some extras coming your way so we can try them out together–free and possibly yours if you follow one or both of these steps to add your name in the ring:

1. Like today's Sunday Set-Up post on Facebook! = 1 entry

2. Post a picture of something you prep this week (however big or small) on our Sunday Set-Up community page! = 1 extra entry for every different picture posted from now through April 10th! 

For more ideas on how to Sunday Set-Up look here and work through the list!