Team Burgoon Eats Snacks

We can probably agree by now that the days of eating and thinking "fat-free" as the healthiest way, are gone. Good thing because it all tasted like cardboard. Good fats are needed in our diet to help our bodies maintain satiety, absorb vitamins and minerals from our all our food, and help our cells repair, especially if you are moving and lifting, friends! I like to prep parts and pieces for my week, and toasting nuts are usually on my weekly to-do list. We add them to salads, to breakfast hash or oats, and for daily snacks.

Like them raw like Brianna? Pair them with blueberries! Just 1/4 cup of almonds refuels you with good fats, insoluble fiber, and protein.

Another way to eat nuts is toasting them, some even find them easier to digest this way. Toasting nuts also adds both flavor and crunch. You can buy nuts roasted but toasting/roasting them yourself is easy and ensures they are fresh with no crazy additives like excess sodium.

All you need to do is toss them onto a sheet pan, oven temp around 375-400°, and toast for 5-15 minutes depending on nut and preference in color. Cool before storing in an airtight container. (Seeds take less time than nuts so watch them closely!)

Starting with the front right and going left, clockwise: pan toasted slivered almonds in avocado oil, oven toasted pecans, oven toasted almonds (bottom), oven toasted pumpkin seeds, and honey orange almonds - recipe below!

AND if you need a little extra encouragement to nibble on some nuts this week, here's one of my favorite almond recipes on repeat:

Honey Orange Roasted Almonds

Serving Size = 1/4 cup

Eat them whole, chop them up for your salads, or make a little nut mix with a few of these tossed in for added flavor.

Over the last year our community has shared some great snack ideas, have you given any of these a try?

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No matter where you land on the scale of no meal-prep to full meal-prep, snack-prepping might just be the set-up you need for a week of strength and success, whatever your goals! If you have a great go-to snack, email us, or if you post a picture on Facebook or Instagram, tag Team Burgoon Eats or hashtag your pictures #teamburgooneats so we can find you!