What's in your lunch box? Part 1

Hey everyone who eats! It’s back-to-school time, in case you haven’t heard.😂 Whether you’re a parent of a toddler or a teen, go to school in a building or at home, pack your lunch for work or eat at home, who doesn’t love a well made lunch? Right, I guess that’s all of us.

For the month of September we’ll be hearing from some everyday lunch makers and eaters in our Bodies by Burgoon community, and we are asking them the obvious back-to-school question, what’s in your (or your child’s) lunch box?

back-to-school lunch boxes

For this first chaotic week where everyone is going in different directions, I decided to keep going with what we know and love:

  • Veggies still in season: cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and sugar snap peas (same as road trip prep!)
  • This hummus recipe by Jen Eck. (Hands down our family's favorite hummus.)
  • Cooked chicken bites made this way. (It really is juicy every time!)

Week #1 of 11th grade, 8th grade, Kindergarten, and 2 adult lives in my house is going to look like this:

Back-to-school lunch prep week #1

Add some blueberries and/or rice crackers if desired.

bento box of hummus, chicken, veggies and blueberries in a bag!

Today’s set up included cooking chicken, washing and chopping veggies, and cleaning containers for lunch and after school on-the-go needs. Lunch prep is done!

What’s in your lunchbox? Post your pictures on our Team Burgoon Eats page or on Instagram! Hashtag your photos #teamburgooneats and #lunchbox so we can see what you are eating. 

Brianna, tag, you're it—more #lunchbox inspiration to come!