Holiday Nutrition Tips and Tricks

The holidays are precious for many of us — and it’s ok that many of the things revolve around a table filled with delicious food. 

Moderation is key! 

A few days of excess will not throw everything off kilter. Starving yourself in order to eat decadently for a day helps no one! Let’s find a happy medium so we all can still enjoy traditions that we love while making smarter choices.

Don’t give up from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day! That’s a lot of days to throw away. The right fuel for your body can help you power through the holiday season feeling better! Stay accountable to yourself and your goals by logging your food. We love using MyFitnessPal. Even if you exceed your caloric goals some days during the season, it doesn’t need to be every day! If you need help with accountability, look into nutrition coaching services.  

Eat a healthy, substantial meal before the party. Arriving ravenous to a party leads to overeating. Make sure you eat some whole grains and veggies before you get to the party so you already feel satisfied when you arrive. If its a happy hour party, have a big, healthy, lunch and maybe eat a bit later in the day. If you can’t do a whole meal, have a protein bar or protein shake before you head in. DON’T starve yourself for days before or after indulgences, this is FAR WORSE for your body. 

Bring a “better for you” appetizer to share that you know you’ll enjoy. That way, if there aren’t healthier options available (there likely will not be!), you can still take care of YOU! Try different flavored homemade hummus, melon wrapped in prosciutto, or tomatoes/basil/mozzarella on a skewer and drizzled with balsamic.  

Load up on all the veggies. Fill your plate with vegetables first -- think salad, sweet potatoes, roasted veggies. Then fill in with small portions of lean proteins and remaining spaces with starches. This way, you still get the satisfaction of a full plate, but it’s full of better options (and, if you have the option, grab a smaller plate instead of the huge dinner sized plate). 

Don’t drink your calories. Holiday cocktails filled with LOADS extra sugar can be tempting, they’ll ramp up your calorie intake quickly and won’t leave you feeling full. Try one specialty drink (or just a sip!) and then opt for something lower calorie like a vodka soda or glass of red wine. Most importantly, DRINK WATER!!! Staying hydrated will keep you from over-indulging on alcoholic beverages, plus it will make you feel fuller! (Protip: sparkling water (we love Spindrift) with a lemon in it looks like a cocktail, helps you get your water in, AND people won’t hassle you about not drinking!)