Jaime Burgoon


Fitness was introduced to me at a young age. My father was diagnosed with cancer on Christmas Eve while my mother was pregnant with me, and 3 months later I was born. My father was very sick throughout my childhood and my brother (Jason) took over raising me when I was born and still does to this day. He kept me active at a very young age with running, push-ups, and sit-ups till my stomach ached. I think I was the only third grader with a 6-pack… I remember my gym teacher bringing me into the middle of the gym floor during gym class and having me demonstrate a push-up in front of everyone exclaiming, “Now that is how a push-up is done!”

When puberty hit, my body changed and I had no clue how to deal with it. The foods I was able to gorge myself with when I was younger now stuck to my hips and my stomach in un-proportional ways and I was teased relentlessly. Kids are very cruel in the junior-high/high-school age, and when I came crying to my brother about how the kids would gather around me signing a song about how fat I was to my face, he never once confirmed their accusations. He always told me I was beautiful, and said that if I wanted to change how I looked and I felt that he would be there for me, but on my own terms. He never once pushed me, but re-affirmed the fact that I was beautiful and that he loved me no matter what size I was.

When I was in high-school I yo-yo dieted in a unhealthy way. Stress, break-ups, and life had my weight up and down constantly. I was going from binge eating when my stress was high, to refusing to eat when I looked at myself in the mirror.  When people find out my brother is a personal trainer, they expect me to be just as fit as he is. The truth is that I am just as afraid to face my own personal demons with my weight as everyone else is. At Bodies By Burgoon we provide you with the tools to help you on your journey, but it’s really up to you to take the plunge and commit yourself to the path of being healthy. I took that plunge the summer of 2013 when I was 20 pounds overweight. I approached my brother for that help he always offered me, and he welcomed me with open arms.

Today I am down 20 pounds and counting. Even though I am not yet at the weight I wish to be, with this journey I have obtained self-love and stress-management which means more to me then the numbers on the scale. I recently graduated from St. Thomas with a degree in Business Leadership and Management and with that I wish to grow this company even further and welcome everyone with open arms like my brother did for me.