In-Studio Training

The most popular choice drawing clients to the Northeast Minneapolis destination all over the Twin Cities metro area and beyond. No mirrors, just a focus on fitness. In-studio training exposes each client to the deep and diverse first-hand experiences of the trainers and support staff. The team works collaboratively to understand the strengths and progression of each client. Each 45-50 minute workout is highly personalized and total body — filled with cardio and strength training (whether you’re training alone, or are grouped with 1-3 teammates with similar goals and/or fitness levels in the training studio) for circuit-style sessions.


Indoor Cycling

Torque Cycling is indoor cycling re-created. The 45-60 minute classes with a diverse stable of incredible instructors will transform you -- mentally and physically. Ride with the team, but focus on yourself in the total body, high-intensity/low-impact, fat-burning and strength-building workouts that will rock you to the core. (Classes Daily)


Parties and Team Building

Both Bodies by Burgoon and Torque Cycling host parties, team building, and fundraising events!



Virtual Training

Live too far away from us? No time for a gym? Hate gyms? Then this is for you! Workout with our guidance from a place where YOU ARE MOST COMFORTABLE! You can expect personally-designed workouts and plans to meet your goals with no additional membership (anywhere!) required; we work with what you have! Weekly workouts are delivered through a free personal training software application which links workouts to your Polar or Garmin heart rate monitor. The 12-week customized virtual training program includes an initial goal-setting consultation, food log and nutrition support, and 24/7 email support. 


Speaking Engagements

Fitness journeys are about complete wellness -- mental and physical. Our team’s stories have been used to help companies and organizations inspire employees and teams to find inner drive and motivation, re-energize persistence, and pursuing and integrating balance, fitness, and nutrition.


Nutrition Coaching

Food is our fuel; what we put in our bodies promotes makes us healthy and strong enough to do all we want to do with our lives. We can’t talk about health and fitness without addressing nutrition! For desiring custom and hands-on guidance and accountability, we offer nutritional guidance from certified staff, including weekly food log monitoring, coaching calls, insight and monitoring of your eating habits (what you eat, when you eat, how you eat, etc), and feedback/challenges to help you make changes so you can reach your goals. All nutritional guidance clients receive a custom and individualized services for unique needs.


In-Home Training

Personalized and custom-training routines in the comfort of your own home. Contact us for rates and availability. 




Business Services

In-studio or on-site workouts can be negotiated and scheduled -- serving as team building or health care perks for several local organizations. Studies indicate that our mental firepower is directly linked to our physical activity.