Aldon Tibbs


When I was 21 I was playing in a band called Clair de Lune. At that time, I could only imagine becoming a rock star. But then, I became a dad. My son Landon was born on December 24th, 2002, and he changed everything. After Landon was born, I really began to get into fitness. I started running and lifting weights. I had to get active because I had an active son. I was self-taught for the first couple years and worked out on my own — I was hooked.

About two years after Landon was born, I enrolled in the Minnesota School of Business (MSB) Heath and Exercise program. Fitness became my lifestyle and it became clear that it was what I was meant to do. After graduating from MSB, I enrolled in the World Instructor’s Training Schools and obtained my personal training certification, working for Bally’s Total Fitness and Anytime Fitness. 

Little did I know — that was only the beginning of my health and fitness journey. And it was only a fraction of what I’d learn over more than 15 years of personal training in the fitness industry.

Early in my career, my love for the UFC sparked my interest into the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). I trained in boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Kickboxing at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy and at the Cellar Fight and Fitness. Gaining strength by using and moving my body proved to be a great fitness tool and it was fun, plus it taught me great discipline and self-control. I still love watching fights and admire the athleticism of the fighters in the ring, and I watch the fights with my son. 

But there was more, and I uncovered it through years of training others and studying EVERYTHING I could get my hands out — from mobility and body mechanics, to strength training, to every school of thought on fitness in general. I learned, firsthand, what works and what doesn’t.

In recent years, my love for learning about how the body moves and what it’s capable of accomplishing drew me into even deeper studies, including multiple certifications from some of the best and most admired in the fitness industry. I saw changes in my own body and strength that would serve me today, and for the rest of my life. I saw clients uncovering strength in movement that not only helped their everyday living, but also made them healthier, stronger, and more fit. 

In all of the studying and practice though, I found my true personal passion: strength training and lifting weights. In my own practice, I bulked up to 285 pounds to lift heavier weights than I ever thought possible. But then I realized that the 285 pounds was not all muscle, and it was hard on my body. Then I had to learn about and study weight loss. It came down to one simple factor, eating fewer calories. By lifting weights almost every day, taking walks outside (good for my body and my mind), and eating less, I lost 85 pounds. Now, at age 37, I’m in the best shape of my life.

Mostly I love teaching people about their bodies and helping them become stronger in every way. Most people don’t even know what their bodies are capable of, but I get to help them realize those things every day. And I love it.