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Studies indicate that our mental firepower is directly linked to our physical activity.  In addition to team building and promoting a greater sense of community, there are countless benefits to incorporating regular exercise into the workplace:

  • Improved Concentration
  • Sharper Memory
  • Faster Learning and Comprehension
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Elevated Mood
  • Lower Stress
  • More Efficient Time Management
  • Smoother Colleague Interactions
  • Promotes Healthy Work/Life Balance

For a fantastic read on the importance of physical health in business performance, read this article in the Harvard Business Review

“It’s an important part of our culture at Microgigantic to take time during the week to work out together. Our team loves getting our Burgoon on! It is an awesome way to team build, relieve stress, and stay fit!” – Mark Bennett, CEO & Founder, Microgigantic (Mark provides weekly group training to his small-business employees as a health care incentive.)

Organizational clients include: AmmaFableticsGirls on the RunLucyMicrogiganticMSP MagazineNorth FaceTattersall DistillingUniversity of MinnesotaUPS, and more!

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